Now that your class has celebrated that most festive of events, you would want to peruse these ideas for possible topics for exhorting the Class of 2011 to greater heights and a renewed awareness of themselves as being full participants in our democratic society.

1.)  What the future may bring: We all look to the future with hope and a sense of purpose of what our lives will become after high school.  Therefore, speaking of the future in optimistic tones is always relevant when it comes to high school graduations.  Furthermore, offering something positive about the future will help to inspire your fellow graduates to greater success.  Thus, you should focus on what your lives may consist of as you plough full steam ahead in subduing those vicissitudes of life.

2.)  The high quality of education: We are the products of our environment. Whatever new ideas we learn along the road of life, they are certain to give us new insights to the way that things once worked for us.  Thus, the high quality of education will always stand us in good stead, because a mind fostered on great ideas will never be wasted.

3.)  The most important lessons you’ve learned: This topic is aimed specifically at valedictorians, for you have the honorable distinction of blazing trails of success and change.  Thus, you should focus on the most important lessons you’ve learned over the course of those last 12 years of your life. 

4.)  The upcoming opportunities and challenges: Be an eternal optimist; never step half-heartedly into a role and pretend to be something that you’re not.  But look at the challenges that you face and offer hope to your fellow graduates.

5.)  The meaning of value and knowledge: As the brightest and best of all your fellow high school graduates, your job is to provide them with knowledge that they can use.  But make sure that knowledge hinges upon how much value those last 12 years had in acquiring that knowledge.

6.)  The value of public education: This topic is aimed specifically at the public school graduate.  Being a graduate of a public high school should be your magnum opus to show the world that your class is ready to take on the challenges that they will ultimately face.  Thus, talking about the value of your public education should inspire your fellow graduates to rise above those traditional stereotypes and become beacons of hope and change that others may follow.