Stages of Maturation during High School

Nobody told me there were stages of maturation in high school. I must have missed that class. No wonder I’m so messed up. When I went to high school, it was for three years, sophomore, junior, and senior. I guess most high schools these days start with the freshmen year. I might have felt more mature in the ninth grade if I had known I was a freshman.

If there is one thing we know about maturation during the high school years, it is that kids in post-puberty, mature at wildly different rates and girls mature much more rapidly than boys. It is the job of high school teachers and counselors to be tuned into the level of maturity of their students so they can give them the full benefit of their instruction.

Freshmen students are still kids. They still don’t have the foggiest idea who they are and they are in a quandary about their budding sexual feelings. Who talks to kids about their raging hormones and their daily emotional roller coaster? By tenth grade, things aren’t much better. Kids are still fumbling in the dark.

Kids are given more and more responsibility in high school as they progress. As you mature in high school you are given more responsibility and more choices to make. Within limits, you choose your classes, sometimes in connection with some college plans or not. I made my choices as a senior in order to get out of certain classes I didn’t want to take. I was a late a bloomer.

It isn’t even possible to talk about stages of maturation after high school because there are 25-year-olds who haven’t grown up yet. High school students will mature at their own pace but teachers, administrators, and counselors can help them over difficult maturation blocks by being sensitive to their personal stage and doing what they can to help them through it to the next stage.