Stop Bullying

Discouraging bullying for a child is almost as frightening as being bullied. Not just because of the physical possibility of harm but social out-casting as well. If a child stands up for the victim then the bully turns on them even possibility the crowd that has gathered will turn as well.

One of the passive things a child can do to discourage bulling is just plan walk away. This within its self will discourage some of the crowd of on-lookers. On-lookers are a major part of the bravo bullies rely on to feed off of when bullying.  Depending on the bully an audience makes a difference. Some bullies are only doing it to bolster their self!

Active discouraging is a bit more difficult for children. The difficulty arises from social implications. Children do not want to feel left out or like they are the outcast. However, if they have been taught at home that bullying is not acceptable in any society they are more likely to speak up. (Fear aside) They can openly stand their ground and voice their opinion.

Active discouragement can come in the form of telling a person in authority about the bullying. Many times school officials do not even know this is happening. Bullies are notorious for choosing a place they won’t be seen. Children can do something as simple as telling school workers, their parents or other adults.

On rare occasions those in authority might pass this off as childish problems and behavior. If the child feels this is a volatile situation where someone could get physically hurt it would not be unheard of for the child to go to the police. School children know much more than the teachers, parents or police when it comes to what is going on in their school.

Then there are the (Pro-Active) ways of discouraging bullying.

If a child see’s someone that is prone for bullying and most school children can spot them very fast. What the child can do is befriend that person. It is much harder to bully someone with friends.

Children can start groups against bullying in school to teach others the harms of bullying to others. They can teach what the results of bullying can be listing some of the tragic things that have happened to others.

Bullying of any kind is wrong in children or grownups.  Parents can talk to their children and also children the older ones can talk to their younger siblings. You never know who might be a bully or who might be a victim.