Stopping Cyber Bullying

Unfortunately, anywhere you go in life, there will be bullies. Some people think that this is different on the internet. They are actually quite wrong. The internet has just as many, if not more bullies than in real life. This is probably due to the fact that one can stay anonymous when using the internet, allowing them to make fun of someone without no one else knowing who they are. When someone picks on or harasses someone on the internet it is known as cyber bullying. In this article, I will give parents advice that could help fend of and risk the chance of your child being bullied while on the internet.

The first thing a parent could do to prevent their kid from being cyber bullied is to monitor who your children talk to online. If someone shows any signs that they could be a future bully, most websites have a block feature so that your child can’t communicate with that user anymore. If they still find a way to bother your child, you can then report them. Reporting informs the websites moderators that a user is doing something against the rules, or something they shouldn’t be doing. The consequences of reporting could be a warning, being suspended from the site, or even permanently banning the user from their website.

Another thing a parent could do to prevent cyber bullying is to block certain websites. If you know that there is a good chance that your child will be bullied on a website, you can block that website from your computer. If you don’t want to block the website from your computer completely, you can set it to where you can still get on the blocked site if you have a password set when the site was blocked. Now that your child cannot go on that website anymore, You won’t have to worry about them being bullied on it.

The last way I have to help prevent your child from being bullied is to talk over these strategies of fending of bullies with them. If they can do these things themselves they can get rid of the problem at the first sign of it starting to happen. This will also make your life a lot easier because you wont have to rush to block or report someone every time someone picks on your child. Remember to remind your child that some people come on the internet just to pick on people because they are anonymous. Knowing this, they shouldn’t take it to heart as much.

Hopefully, you won’t ever have to worry about stopping your child from being cyber bullied. This isn’t a perfect world though, and there are bullies out there. So after reading this article I hope you now know more than you did before about the ways of helping to prevent the problem. Now your child can enjoy surfing the web safely.