Student Teachers how to Avoid Burnout

Student teacher burnout before you’re even a Certified Teacher? It’s a phenomenon hitting our schools and making it difficult to find good educators. Did you know that a burnout is much more difficult to reverse than it is to prevent? With that, keep some of the following tips in mind when starting off your student teaching program. Avoiding a burnout is critical to all student teachers.

Always work cooperatively with the teacher you’re assigned to. He/she is a lifeline when it comes to management. Learning to manage stress, time and obviously the classroom. Their knowledge is to be respected and opinions heeded. Trying to pull away from what they may be doing in the classroom to work individually, can end up being a nightmare for you. Actively communicating with the teacher about your opinions for the class is most often welcomed and respected. This open communication will avoid unwanted conflict between you and your cooperating teacher.

Get to know the office staff well. They are the heart of the school. Any information you’re lacking when it comes to school practices, they will have or will find for you. Knowing information can be a great time saver, a stress reducer and you could even gain some friendships along the way. However, be cautious not to let the informational time turn into gossip. Gossip is destructive in any workplace.

Be a professional. This helps to show the teacher and other teachers, your willingness to learn and to take the job seriously. Being on time and prepared like a professional relieves the rush of last minute anxieties you may have. Feeling professional is important too, so play the part well. Keep tabs on your appearance, articulation and work ethic. If you believe it and take it seriously, so will they.

Lastly, evaluate yourself as an individual. Are you taking care of yourself nutritionally? Are you getting exercise? Don’t forget sleep, please! Are you setting aside time from school to enjoy life and have fun. These choices are not a waste of time. They prove to boost your stamina, increase your effectiveness as a student teacher and allow you to love what you’re doing.

Going through the process of being a student teacher is a roller coaster ride. Stave off the really hard times by utilizing some of the above techniques. Don’t allow the fire to burn you out, let it burn inside you with passion.