Student Teachers what to do when you Realize Teaching is not for you

You may think you realize teaching is not for you. There
are several options waiting for your approval. You could
turn in your resignation, pack up your manipulatives and
bolt from your classroom and never look back. You could
seek the counsel of veteran teachers, counselors, supervisors,
family members and friends…all of those people would
probably take the time to give you honest advice and they’d
probably really listen to your concerns. One or more of them
may come up with feasible solutions that will help you continue
on the long path of your teaching career. You could also wait
it out until winter break or summer vacation and give yourself
more time to weigh the pros and cons of abandoning your
teaching career.

If you’re teaching primarily as a means of supporting yourself
and you feel no great joy with the task at hand, maybe teaching is
not really right for you. If your supervisor has suggested
repeatedly that there are other more suitable career options
that would be ideal for you…maybe teaching isn’t your calling.

If you’re having difficulty with your coworkers, you could
apply for a transfer to another school within your district.
That could be the root of your unhappiness regarding your
teaching career. Maybe you’re just feeling overwhelmed. There
are sources out there that can help you get over the rough spots.
All teachers routinely navigate over some pretty bumpy roads.
Please reconsider your decision. Teaching is a very rewarding
career although it can be a very frustrating experience. Everything
is still very new to you. You’d probably feel the same way if you
were in your first year of any other profession too. I’m certain your
mentor, the other teachers and your supervisor experienced similar
feelings when they were novice teachers too.

All jobs are overwhelming, after you’ve had more experience, you’ll
feel more at ease. You’ll always feel overworked but the pay will
improve and you can apply for grants (more money). Sometimes you
may feel like an alien just going through the motions but you’re NOT.
You are a real teacher. Teaching really could be for you. Look closely
at your problem areas. If you feel you have poor classroom management
skills, there are workshops, videos and other sources of help. Don’t be
afraid to ask for help. If you look deep down inside yourself, you probably
love being around children all day long…in spite of the challenges and
you’d really miss them if you decided to quit teaching. If you like them
but not their behavior…then work on that issue.

If you want to give up teaching because it consumes too much of your
personal time…consider some of the other occupations. Some of those
people have to get up in the middle of the night to deal with emergencies.
Teachers seldom have that to worry about. You’ll have to give up some
personal time due to teaching activities but it can still be a positive
experience and not a negative one. You may feel like a failure at first
but that could easily change. It all depends upon you and your attitude.

If you truly want to give up teaching…then you will. But you can always
return to education five or ten years down the line. It’s okay to change
your mind. Eventually, if you’ve really decided to end your teaching
career…look at it as a learning experience. You didn’t waste your time,
you allowed yourself to explore a career opportunity and it did not work
out for you. It doesn’t mean you’re a failure though. If you persevere,
you’ll find the position that will be perfectly suited to your personality,
abilities and aspirations. Good luck.