Student Tips how to keep your no Drinking Commitment

Though the stereotypical college student might be a heavy drinker and while many college students are on their own for the first time and like to experiment and have fun, many students, in actuality, decide not to drink frequently, if at all. Their reasons can be for religious beliefs, purported health benefits of not drinking, psychological, or other, but one thing is for certain: those students are likely to feel pressure from peers to drink at some point or another. How, then, does a person go about keeping such a vow?


One of the easiest ways to keep yourself from being pressured to drink is to not put yourself in a situation where alcohol will be on hand—avoid frat. parties and such the like. When you do attend parties and other social events, go with a group of friends you trust and who accept your decision for what it is. Another way to make sure people aren’t pressuring you is to volunteer to be the designated driver for your group. Even if you aren’t the designated driver, telling this to people who are hassling you can make them leave you alone.


If you’re afraid of being dragged into going to parties or block-wide get-togethers at which everyone is drinking but you, try to choose your housing so you don’t need to worry. If you’re living on campus, check to see whether your residential program offers drug- and alcohol-free contract residences. If you’re living off-campus, you might try to find housing in areas that aren’t the “party-areas” of the town.


If you don’t want to be around alcohol at all, there’s always the option of finding a group who also doesn’t drink—at least not all the time—and organizing activities with them. These activities can be simple: board game or movie nights, just hanging out. If organizing isn’t your thing and/or you’re having a difficult time finding these like-minded people, look into clubs on campus—many campuses do not allow alcohol on the premises so if you’re looking for sober fun, clubs are a pretty safe bet.


The main thing to keeping such a goal as not drinking is the will to keep that goal. If you’re having a hard time keeping from imbibing, re-evaluate your situation. Think again of why you’re doing this and decide whether you really want to continue with your vow. Perhaps you should think of some sort of small reward to yourself for every week or month that you haven’t had alcohol. Really, the trick of the thing is removing the temptation. Keep yourself out of situations where you’re pressured and keep yourself busy doing other things and you’ll find keeping your promise is easier than it might seem.