Student Tips how to keep your no Drinking Commitment Student Tips how to keep your no Drinkin

As a student is very hard not to drink. There are the party’s,the friends and the lot of time to spend when you have nothing to do.

But i find it a not difficult task not to drink. To a alcohoolic would be very hard but to a normal student is is a very easy and simple task. Every time you think of drinking it is hard not to do this so here a re a few tips how not to drink from a different point of view:

First of all the first rule is to avoid every tought about drinks and the very good times when you have done that. The next step is not to give up, set a goal, make it a promise as to yourself. Find something that will make drinking look like a bad habit or atleast make it look not interesting at all. 

Practice a sport that will make you not to drink. Sports are very important in life and if you notice 90% of the peoples that practice sports don’t drink or smoke. Another thing that seems a very good thing is have a girlfriend/boyfriend that does not drink or at least friends that don’t do this very often. 

Think it like that drinking is bad, it destroys health, family’s friendships and most of all very often it kills, what can you find fun in drinking. The only thing that you will wake up next morning after drinking is a big headache and dizziness.

Never fall to friends request of drink with me, or hey not drinking is lame, all of these things are say because they know that you show them that it can be fun even if you don’t drink.

People tend to think that if you don’t drink how can a party be fun. Well it can be jut try it once with some peoples that don’t drink and you will find out that you can have a lot more fun when you don’t drink than when you do.

I find coffee more enjoyable or coke, it refreshes you and gives you energy. Try those every time you are somewhere you can drink. The violence among students in the US is about 700.000 students every day because they have been assalted by other students. Also almost 100,000 students reported to the police that they were sexually harassed at party’s in alcohol-related incidents, although the number could be much much higher.

So every time you want to drink, think of thees and think about you.