Student Tips how to keep your no Drugs Commitment

Drugs are bad, there is no doubt about that. A drug addict will never find or even try to let go to drugs. So i can give you a few tips about how to keep your commitment to say no to drugs.

First of all think about if you are caught having drugs you can go to prison, and if you love the freedom and the gift of life i don’t think that you will ever touch drugs just thinking about that. If this does not work try to think about your parents, just think how would they feel if they would find out that you are using drugs, what would their opinion be about you, will they love you the same as they loved you before finding out? Just this taught will make you think twice about using drugs.

Drugs are very bad for health, they destroy the neurons and the lungs, and this is just for the ones that you inhale by smoking them, i don’t want to count the negative parts of the other drugs that can make you addicted. Using drugs can make you a lonely guy not living his life and living a fake dream, a feeling that can be surpassed 100 times more by life. Life is a beautiful thing and if you appreciate it i don’t think that you will ever use drugs. 

Most of the peoples that did drugs lost they trust in parents, in the loved ones, lost their family’s and their lives. One of the most important thing that you must know is that by doing drugs you can get different diseases most of them being deadly like aids, tuberculosis, diabetes and other life treating diseases. 

Get informed, open your eyes on the topic of drugs and see all the bad thing that they have done on the human kind. Think about the people that they wish not to have done drugs in they’r lives and how they are thinking now how to get rid of this bad habit. If you appreciate how your body looks and how you feel about it don’t take drugs, you will get weakened and you will loose weight really bad. Another thing that you should keep your no-drugs commitment is because drugs destroy the tooths.

If you like food drugs will give you a loss of appetite, irritability, aggression, hypothermia, stroke, paranoia, psychosis, convulsions, and these are just some of the bad parts doing drugs.