Student Tips how to Reach out to new Students on Campus

There are many good ways that you can reach out to new students on campus. Being a new student on the campus can be a very scary thing, and is certainly a little nerve racking. I know that when I first started in college that being new on campus was a little nerve racking, and I went to a local school. Sometimes just knowing a couple of people can help the transition to your first year at a school.

Be a volunteer at the orientations that your campus has before each school year. There is nothing better than being able to hang out with some of the new students before they get onto campus. You can interact with them not only as a knowledgeable member of the student body, but you can interact with them just as people too. When you see them around during the year they will know that they can come to you.

Membership in clubs can help you reach out to new students at your school. Every year at the beginning of the year there are typically fairs where all the clubs are going to have booths. You can spend your time trying to attract the newer students at the school, and getting them to join whatever clubs you are in. This helps the newer students feel as if you care, and can get them socially active at the school.

Having a position as an RA can help you reach out to students as well. Not only do you get your room and board at least partially paid for, but you can help the new students adjust to school, and get them to come to you if they are having trouble. By organizing floor meetings, and being part of the orientation process, you will be able to reach out to the newer students.

Start a Facebook group, or some other on-line resource. You can help guide younger students in a more anonymous way, and you don’t have to put in as much time or effort. Just let the new students sound off about stuff, and you can act as a liaison as best you can between the students. You can answer questions like where some classrooms are, and other questions.

There are many ways that you can reach out to new students on campus. Just get active and try to get the new students to join you in whatever school related activities that you might be involved with. It never hurts to reach out a helping hand, and just get everyone involved as best as possible.