Students how to Give and Receive Support at Exam Time

Exam time is rough. It is filled with last minute
items, cramming,and “trying to get it all together”,
while at the same time hoping for good exam grades.
It can be a nightmare, or a pleasant dream.

Students can give support to each other by
studying together in groups. The tasks may be
fragmented and dealt with separately, or all can
take part, and collaboratively come together
bringing everything available to the table. If
the study group is serious about obtaining good
outcomes, many good results will emerge from a
group study.

During exam time, it is imperative to bolster
the confidence of anyone who fears failure. If a
classmate feels that the exam will make or break
them, encouragement, and offered help, will mean a
great deal. One’s attitude upon entering into exam
time will help determine ultimate outcomes. When
students are sensitive to their classmates’ emotional
needs, and are able to help in this area, it will
mean a lot.

One of the worst things that can happen at exam time
is “working on overload”. This means a student is
driving forward with little gas in the tank. If one
sees a fellow student sleep deprived, depressed, or
somehow off-centered, the friendly thing to do is to
exhort the one in need to stop a while, rest, and
start up again.

When we help others at exam time, we invariably
help ourselves. Some students cannot study effectively
with a group. They achieve best studying alone.
They should not be pressured to blend in with a group
if they do not desire to prepare for an exam that way.
It is still nice to wish them the best in their endeavors
and extend offers of assistance if they so need.

Because exams come one right after another, it is good
to plan a study schedule. Two exams may be on the same
day. One may require a short period of time to review,
and the other extensive recall. Some exams may be projects,
papers, or other non traditional forms of exams. If
students are able to work together on the projects,
assigning parts to different students, the load can be

Consideration for each other, respect, and quietness,
when needed, can be given by all. The cost of education is
tremendous. Exam times are crucial for all. Scholarships,
grade point averages, and many future events rests on
doing one’s best. Sharing and caring will go a long way in
helping each student partake of the pie called a”Great Job!”