Students how to Give and Receive Support during Exam Time

During examination time, all students can do is think about what to study, when to study, and how to start studying. Rarely do they think about giving support to each other. However, here are some tips that will help you understand how giving support at examination time is beneficial to you.

Support is beneficial to everyone. It makes people feel confident of themselves, and they are better able to accomplish tasks because they know that people are encouraging them. Support is, nonetheless, very important during examination time because of these feelings.

So, if you want to give support, do so by studying with others. Not only will you be sharing information, but you will also learn how to help others study. Support is best given when you are doing things together. If you want to receive support in return, you must give support first.

While you are studying with others, do not try to make others feel overconfident or under-confident of themselves. For, if they are overconfident, they may just skip studying effectively and efficiently and just wing whatever they have to accomplish. However, if they are under-confident, they will feel anxious and, as a result, not perform as best as they can.

Also, one of the best ways to give support is to motivate, encourage, and best of all, leave space for the others. When you motivate and encourage people to study, you are telling them that you want them to do well. And, at the same time, when you leave space for them to actually study, you are telling them that you want them to be able to accomplish what they must. So, for example, if your friend needs to study for a big test, try your best not to distract her by calling her or inviting her to go places. Instead, encourage her to study.

Last but not least, try to evaluate one another. If you need to have your essay read, have your friend read it. If she does take time to read it, she is supporting you. Likewise, if your friend needs to know five hundred Spanish vocabulary words, support her in her task by helping her memorize them. Remember, support does not necessarily mean just verbal support. Support also requires action.

So, if you want to give and receive support, always remember that any type of support needs action to make it really genuine. Luckily, support is not that difficult to give. And, if you give it, you will most likely get some support in return. Examination time is a difficult time for any student, but if students share support with one another, examination time will be less uncomfortable for all.