Study Skill Tips for High School Students

There is always that one person who seems to know everything and making it look absolutely effortless. In actual fact it is, once you know the principle of revising, it relatively becomes much easier.

It is never too late to start revising for exams. Many may give up because they feel it is no reason to start too late. However it is, just a little bit can make a difference in what the grades that you are going achieve.

Note Taking
When in class, it is essential to pay attention to the professor and take quick notes on the topic for further revision. You do not need to jot every single thing down, but specific points that are important. Jotting down every aspect will not only slow you down but will make you understand even less. Every day after your lesson at home, it would be best to elaborate on those notes and try and remember them for further usage. This ensures that you do not fall behind on revision and makes it much simpler and easier in the long run.

Class Positioning
It is quite ironic in films how all the smart people seem to position themselves at the front of the classroom. This is because at the front of the classroom you will tend to not let your mind wander and pay attention to the professor whom you will be able to hear very clearly thus making note taking easier.

The syllabus consists of all the subtasks within each subject that is crucial for exams. It is advisable to ask your professor for this fundamental information. Using the syllabus will enable you to cross out the items you have learnt and the items that you need to learn or have difficulties in. It narrows down and entails the information that you need to learn in order to succeed.

Revision Area
Revising in an area that is comfortable and quiet is the best place to try and revise in. The room should be well lit so you will not feel tired or bored during the revision session.

20 Minute Bursts
If I told you that you could get the grade you want with just revising 20 minutes a day, every day until the tests would you believe me? You probably wouldn’t because you’d feel you need to revise hours on end to receive all the information. Cramming information into your head is not very efficient. Revising in short bursts will make it more likely that you will remember the information that you have just learnt.

So start revising for 20 minutes and then take a short break, then start revising again for another 20 minutes. This will make sure that you do not get bored and it will help you to remember the information much more easily.

Time of Revision
Reading information just before sleeping helps you to remember this information. This is because the brain is at rest when sleeping and tends to remember things from the night before. For example when reading a book at night, you’ll most likely not forget what had happened in that book. For this reason going over your revision notes will ensure that you will not forget them easily.

The best time for revision is different for everyone, for some it is easier to get it finished straight after school. For others, it is best to revise during the evening. Find a time where you can revise that is suitable for you.

Learning the basics of revising is not only important for high school but in the future. It will help you become an independent person and is a skill that you will certainly need for the future.