Study Skills Guide

When someone told you, “Studying is really easy.” What is your response? 95% people think that it is a joke or irony. But after reading this articles, 95% people will change their attitudes towards this statement. “Studying is really easy” will no longer be a joke or irony to you.

So that means studying is easy? If you get the right method, it will be quite easy. I will suggest something that you should do and something you shouldn’t do below for your study in the future.


1. Think that you are interested in your studying subjects even if you don’t. For example, if you are studying science-related subjects, you should think about something that happens daily but you don’t understand when you have nothing to do, and then carry out investigations yourself without external aid. That’s what scientists have been doing. After that, you will know how many difficulties scientists have been facing. Then you will respect them for their intelligence and efforts, and you will be interested in studying their theories.

2. Prepare for your lessons. That means you should have studied the content at home before the lessons, note down any questions in your mind, listen to what the teachers say during lessons and then asked the teachers about your questions. These can help you understand the content more easily since you can revise what you study at home during lessons, and you can clear any problems you face when studying at home.

3. Make notes during lessons. It is essential since you won’t be able to remember all the teachers’ words even if you think you will. Also, when you copy down the words, you need to listen and write them down, which can help you to remember them more easily. Besides this, you can take the notes to home and study them instead of recalling what the teachers said but fail to do so.

4. Read more extra-curricular books. Studying does not only mean passing tests and exams. You should enrich yourself in order to broaden your mind and make you become cleverer.

5. Study everyday. You should study everyday instead of not studying until the eleventh-hour. You can’t study things you learnt during the whole year in 1 day since you are not a genius.

6. Do revision with your friends. You will get bored if you study alone. But if you study with friends, you can keep studying for a longer time. Also, you can ask them your problems as well as solving your friends’ problems. You will familiarize yourself with the contents by discussing those problems.

7. Rest after studying for a long time. You will get tired after studying for too long, which may lower your efficiency of studying. If you continue to study, you can only read the words from textbooks but cannot memorize them. Also, drink some water. Researches have been carried out that water can help you memorize better.

8. Reflect on your own performance after exams. Every time after you finished an exam and receive the exam papers, you should review your own failure and think of an optimum solution, but do not let it go. We should make use of every opportunities to correct out mistakes instead of making the same mistakes again and again.


1. Burn the mid-night oil. Studying in mid-night will not improve your results in exams because your brain is in the worst condition and you cannot memorize well. Moreover, you will forget everything you study the next day, including the things you studied before. If exam takes place in the next day, you will react slowly and you cannot get a good result.

2. Recite everything from textbooks word by word without understanding. You can’t recite all the content of textbooks. Your brain will get overloaded! Also, you need to apply what you learn, if a question is changed a little bit, you can’t answer it. Studying without understanding is exactly the same as building up a pyramid without broadening the base. When the pyramid is built higher and higher, it will finally collapse due to the unstable base.

3. Blame for your teachers. Although your teachers may not be good teachers, you can’t blame for them. Studying is your own thing, not your teachers’. If you get poor results in exams, don’t just blame for your teachers, but reflect on your own performance.

4. Believe that you are stupid and you are not suitable for studying a particular subject. No one was born with the ability to study that particular subject, neither was Newton or Einstein. Just as Thomas Edison said, “Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration”. You should work hard and practice more, eventually you will be success.

5. Give up studying. Some people will give up studying when they make a mistake, get poor results from exams or get distracted by computer games. Don’t follow them! You will waste all your efforts and ruin your future. Studying is a must if you want to have a quality life, become a useful person or contribute to the society.

After you have read the above suggestions, you should be able to correct your own attitudes about studying as well as know about the method of studying. The most important thing is to apply the things you learnt above and keep studying hard. Remember, there is no shortcut in studying.