Study Tips

School is usually the one deciding factor as to where we go in life. You can either go down the road of further academia, or you could decide school is not for you and quit halfway. Regardless of which of these apply to you, you still must try your best at school.

The one reason why people find school hard is that people don’t really get around to studying. Hey the “s” word may sound scary and intimidating, but if you do the following you should not find studying scary, intimidating or have it cause you to wet your pants. 

1. Study effectively, not harder. This is one of the most common mistakes students do. Studying must not equate to hours and hours of reading or taking copious amounts of notes. 

First off, what you have to do is establish your primary method of learning. When I say this I mean, find out if you are a kinesthetic (learn by touching,manipulating or writing), auditory (learn by listening or watching) or imagery (learn by viewing pictures and videos). Having a good idea of where you stand allows for more efficient learning as you can easily target the specific area which works for you. 

2. When studying, don’t study in 5 hour chunks! Study for at least 45 minutes, followed by a 10 minute break. Studies have shown that taking regular breaks in between intense study sessions have shown to improve memory retention! 

3. Revise revise revise! Sure, you studied the stuff, but if you don’t review what you have learn’t you are bound to forget it! After each class, go over your notes or what you have learned. Challenge your noggin to remember things off the top of your head. This is where you can incorporate your learning style. If you are a visual learning, make a small mind map with a splash of color. If you are an auditory learning, recite notes out that are from your views or the way you would present the subject to yourself. If you are a kinesthetic learner, you could rewrite the notes you have in a you-friendly form. 

4. Whether you like it or not, exercise is crucial! Exercise does more than give you sweat soaked clothes and bad B.O. Exercise particularly cardio, increases blood flow particularly to your brain. More blood = more juice for your brain to do what it has to do. A quick jog pre studying can increase your memory recall by a lot!

5. Lastly, before going to bed, review what you have learnt for that day. Research has shown that reviewing what you have learnt before you go to sleep significantly improves your recall. Though not scientifically proven, scientists believe that dreaming plays some part in storing memories in the long term memory bin.

Now whether you wish to become a doctor, or whether you wish to leave school and become a bus driver. Leaving school with the best possible qualification you can achieve not only sets you up for more possible career options in the future, but it also ensures that you look more favorable in the eyes of prospective employers. 

The last tip I can give you is, do the work. All of the above is useless if you just sit and procrastinate all day.