Study Tips for Students Studying Foriegn Languages your new Tongue

If you have a choice which foreign language to study, the best tip is to move amongst these people. Get involved. Their whole lifestyle and culture, will no doubt be very different to what you are accustomed to. Everything about their language can also be, very foreign. Confusion can come about once the technicalities come into play. A beautiful example of this is…

If you are speaking English, why doesn’t a Kurd say please when asking for something to be passed, at the table, when eating? The answer is, respect. A great word in any language. But! The difference is even more respect here. Using English, it would be said, “Will you pass the salt please?” The ‘please’ does not come into this question in the Kurdish mind, because, with respect, the way they would ask, it is automatic respect included, and received.

To be thrown into the deep end of learning to study a foreign language, if you are not a gifted linguist, is to mix and learn. Don’t be afraid to ask, “Say it again. Say it slower.” Repeat, repeat ,repeat. No baby learns the grammar of their own language first before learning to speak. The communication will teach all that’s required, after.

Learning from each other can be both fun and daunting. Hilarious and confusing. All that matters is that you are learning quicker, if you have this opportunity. To study your foreign language this way, is better than if there is no-one to really speak with. Language is custom, and if all you know is English, be aware. Their language can also have, double meaning words.

Another tip is, learn the phonetics, (sound,) of their given letters of their language, which is usually called an alphabet. These also can vary considerably. They are not automatically a given number, for every language. These can give their word a totally opposite meaning, if you don’t know what their word is, but have learned something of their sound. You try to compensate, to say what you hope to mean.

Oh no… you never meant that! Learn never to be shy or ashamed for trying. Most of all, laugh at your own mistakes. One thing you can be sure of, they will enjoy a good laugh with your mistake! Imagine if the shoe was on the other foot. Patience goes a long way, but tears will never fall if you can laugh. That is one universal common language.

Come away having made new friends you can speak to in their own tongue, which is foreign to you, no longer. The more time you spend in each other’s company, the more it will be absorbed. See this as a vital must ‘tip’ of studying a foreign language. If we were all the same, it would be a very boring world. No-one’s language is lesser than the other’s.

Respect their language as you want them to respect yours. Despite all differences, you are learning, and studying, as well as making new friends. If you really want to study something, you go out of your way, no matter where it takes you. Do the same with studying this foreign language. You will never regret the experience. Enjoy your new tongue!

Last word… If is is more pictographs, or a hieroglyphic language, the same applies to mixing. Enjoy.