Successfully Writing Reviews of Text

You may have already found out that in school you have to often write book reviews or comment on all kinds of text. There are several strategies that you can use in order to make your review as detailed and as good as possible.

Firstly, read the text or book that you need to review or comment on. If it is a short text, read it through once and then a second time taking notes of the content, (characters – if there are any) and the style. These notes will later on help you when it comes to writing your review.

Secondly, for writing essays, book reviews and any other text you should use a general structure. Before starting to write make sure that you have a plan of what you are going to write in each paragraph. For example, in the first paragraph of a book review you should put the name of the book, the author and some background information such as the main characters and the setting. The second paragraph should contain a summary of the plot. In the third paragraph, write some general comments about the plot, the style and the content. In the last paragraph you can state if you recommend the book and why. This structure can be used for many articles and other texts too if modified a bit. If your instructions are not just to write a review or contain specific details, then just make up your own structure an if you use it your writing will be more successful. Inside paragraphs you should use PEE (Point Evidence Explain). This means that first you should state your point, then provide evidence that it is correct and then explain why the evidence proves your point.

Thirdly, use techniques to make your review more interesting and professional. You could include quotes from text (mentioning where it came from) or describe important events in big detail. If you are writing a book review, remember not to mention how the book ends. In addition, you should use some good terminology and phrases in order to describe the book or article. For instance, if you want to recommend an interesting and scary book to adults and children you could write “title of the book is a thrilling and interesting read for adults and teens that keeps the reader stuck to the pages until the very end”.  Furthermore you should use strong adjectives and cohesive devices to make your review sound more professional.

Lastly, after you have written you review make sure you spell check it and have a look out for any boring words that could be changed to more interesting and stronger words in order to make your review even better.

At the end you will have a well-structured and well written book review. You can use this experience to help you in future in order to keep on writing good and high quality reviews.  As you may have noticed, even this text has got a structure and uses strong and interesting cohesive devices.