Suicide Prevention in Teenagers

Many teenagers struggle with emotions, as being a teenager in the present day world is not an easy thing. This emotional struggle has caused many teenagers to commit suicide all over the world. Suicide is a problem that secondary schools need to address, so that fewer youth end their lives.

All teachers in secondary schools should know the warning signs and be on the look out for students exhibiting these signs. Some of the warning signs for suicide in teens are: a drastic withdrawal from friends or activities, decline in the quality of their school work, violent or rebellious behavior, unusual neglect of personal appearance, complaints of physical symptoms that can be related to emotions, or not tolerating praise or rewards. Some physical symptoms that can be related to emotions include: stomach aches, headaches, and fatigue. Keep in mind that in order for any of these things to be a sign of suicide, they must be out of character for the person in question.

Schools should also keep track of individuals who have been exposed to suicide in the past, especially if their family members attempted or committed suicide. Also, teachers should already be aware that teens without a proper support system often find themselves on the path to suicide, and so those teens who do not appear to have many friends or a strong family presence should be monitored to make sure that they don’t go too far, and talking to these teens privately can have a very good, highly desired effect.

Students who rarely ask for help, or are highly opposed to asking for help, are highly likely to commit suicide. These students are highly unlikely to tell anyone about their suicidal feelings, or to ask anyone for help. These students are also more likely to take total responsibility for their actions, because they feel adverse to leaning on anyone else, either to assign blame to or to help them. This creates a situation where the teen feels that every mistake they’ve made is their own fault, but they don’t want to ask for help because it isn’t in their character.

Suicide prevention is a highly necessary, important problem that secondary schools are facing currently. Many youth feel that they have no way out, and that is the reason that they commit suicide. Secondary school teachers should be on the look out for any signs that a student is having suicidal thoughts or actions, and if they notice a particular student that seems to be at risk they should watch that student and possibly talk to them, or report it to the school counselor.