Summer Educational Activities for High School Students

In the majority of cases, high school students look forward to their summer holidays with great anticipation.  This vacation provides them with the opportunity to have freedom from their regular school routine, independence from their parents, the possibility of earning their own money through a summer job and the potential to stay in bed in the mornings.  However, as a parent you may feel concerned about the possibility of them losing out on the opportunity of learning during the holidays, and the more conscientious students may endeavour to seek out educational activities.  If this is the case, then there are plenty of learning opportunities for high school students to embark on educational activities during the summer holidays.  Here are some ideas on how they can achieve this.

Investigate an area of interest

If your child is a high school student, then it is likely that they will have developed their own interests.  Encourage them to use their time to research any particular topics of interest.  This will develop their research skills and ensure that they use the holidays as an opportunity to read and write.  As it will be their choice of topic, it is more likely that this will maintain their interest.

Get a summer job

This will provide them with the opportunity to educate themselves with an area of work that they are interested in.  It will also help them to learn different skills such as time management and budgeting.  It will also help to develop their social skills and their independence, alongside teaching them the importance of working for what you have.

Visit local attractions as a family

Most areas have places of educational value that you can visit as a family.  This may be a museum, art gallery, a theatre trip or a historical building.  It is more likely that your child will benefit in terms of being educated if you choose your venue carefully in accordance to their interests.


A final idea is to ensure that your high school aged child has plenty of reading material for the holidays.  It is a well known fact that reading ability deteriorates in the school holidays if students do not read.  The subject matter of the reading is almost irrelevant in terms of developing reading ability.  It is more important that the reading matter is enjoyable for your child.  Therefore, stock up on magazines that relate to a topic that they are interested in and buy the latest teen books.