Supplies Students need for Class

One of the greatest annoyances to teachers is students not bringing the appropriate equipment to lessons with them. It delays the lesson, hampers the learning of the students and results in the school having to loan out equipment that is often not returned. Most schools will issue instructions with regards to what a student is required to bring to school with them. However, there are still many students who fail to do so. Here is an overview of essential equipment that all students should take to the classroom.

Writing equipment

There are very few lessons that will not require writing in some form. Whether this be taking notes, highlighting, writing an assignment or drawing, there will be at least some part of a lesson that will need a student to have equipment for writing. Typically, equipment that would be expected includes pens, pencils, coloring pencils, a ruler, an eraser and a highlighter. It can be helpful to have several of each of these so that if one doesn’t work, the student has a reserve.

Mathematical equipment

For maths lessons, there is a whole set of equipment needed that is specific to this subject. Some of these can also come in useful for other subjects, such as graphics, science and technology. Suggestions of what to include are a scientific calculator, a protractor, compasses, a ruler and a set square. If any other equipment is needed, students will generally be loaned the equipment form school or be given advance notice of the necessity to bring additional equipment to school.

Other equipment

There are sometimes subject specific pieces of equipment that are needed for lessons. This may depend on the subjects covered in particular schools or on the lesson choices of the students. Another factor can be the level of study that a student is doing. Examples are a student studying art being required to bring additional pencils and paints, or a student studying French being required to bring a French dictionary to school with them.


It is essential that students are properly equipped for their lessons as not being so leads to delays and disruption to learning. Although schools generally provide a list of the required equipment, if you are unsure it is wise to seek the advice of the school. Common sense will generally tell you what is required for each of the lessons. Much of the equipment will be used in most lessons, although there are some subject specific items of equipment that may also be required.