Teacher Body Language is Important in High School

Teenagers are extremely perceptive and aware of body language. Body language expresses to them whether a person is insecure, aggressive, or confident. A teacher must have good body language to have control of his or her classroom and the respect of his or her students.

By slouching, fidgeting, and displaying body language that lets students know he or she is nervous, a teacher is opening the door to classroom mayhem. Students will feed off the insecurity of the teacher and walk all over him or her.  High school students do not need much of an opening to misbehave and over run a teacher. If the teacher gives them the opening to take control, they will.  Incorrect body language will force the teacher to waste a lot of precious learning time on discipline.

A teacher’s body language will also portray aggressiveness that is detrimental to the high school environment. Students need a teacher who is caring and confident. The aggressive teacher will have control of the classroom in theory but will not have the respect of the students. Students will not care about learning and will only do what they are told because the teacher is aggressive.  Some students will rebel against the rules simply because the teacher’s body language tells them he or she is aggressive and teenagers resent that during this confusing time in their lives. The aggressive body language will also hurt the insecure student. These students will not rebel. They will simply shut down because they do not feel secure and comfortable.

A teacher who stands tall, and portrays a body language of confidence will show students that he or she has control of the classroom yet cares about their students. Students will respond positively to this type of teacher. This teacher will get the most out of his or her students. The students will respect this teacher and do what they are supposed to because they know the teacher will not accept any less from them. The aggressive students tend to become less aggressive and the shy students come out of their shell. 

Body language tells high school students what type of teacher they have. Even if the teacher is nervous, he or she should not let it show through body language. High school kids are influenced by the actions of others and a teacher who conveys the proper body language will have the respect of his or her students and control of the classroom, which is extremely important for a conducive learning environment. High School years are a rough time for kids. They are trying to become independent, yet are insecure and still very dependent. Those who teach them need to show that they care and are confident. Body language will set the stage of how students perceive a teacher and that perception will shape the learning environment as a whole.