Teacher Tips Dealing with Late Homework

One of a teacher’s many duties is giving homework to her students. Of course, she always has at least one or two students who turn in a homework assignment late. The teacher must have her late homework policy in place so students know exactly what the consequence is.

School policy

Some schools have their own late homework policy in place.  The school might have the teacher take off a letter grade for each day the assignment is late. Other schools leave the late homework policy up to each individual teacher. The first thing the teacher should do is make sure the school doesn’t already have something in place.

Letter grade

Many teachers use the students’ grades as a consequence for dealing with late homework assignments. One teacher takes off one letter grade for each day it is late. After a few days the student receives a failing grade. Another teacher takes off 10 percent of the grade for each day the homework is late. This percentage amounts to basically the same as a letter grade. Yet another teacher takes off 50 percent of the grade no matter how late the assignment is turned in. Grading the late assignment is up to the teacher, but the student should receive some kind of consequence for the lateness.


A teacher has many things to remember throughout her day. Remembering which students turned in their homework assignment late is important. The teacher must figure out a method to mark the student’s assignment. She can do this in a couple of ways. At the top of the paper, she can write “Late” with or without the number of days it was late or the date it was turned in.


The most important thing a teacher can do is maintain consistency with the late homework policy she uses. For example, if a student loses a letter grade for turning in late homework one day, then another student who turns in late homework loses a letter grade as well the next day. Once the teacher establishes her late homework policy, she must follow it with each student. If she doesn’t follow her own policy, then students will think the teacher is unfair. The students will be upset because they turn their homework in as expected when another student is allowed to turn in homework late without a consequence.

A late homework policy is just one of the many duties a teacher must perform. She must follow what the school’s policy is and be consistent in the way she handles the homework. By having a late homework policy, it should be easy to understand and be fair to all of the students.