Teacher Tips how to Avoid Favoring the best Students

When you are a teacher, it can be hard to teach everyone equally. To be honest, there are differing levels of production, and intelligence in the students that you are teaching. Some kids are better at some subjects than other kids, and sometimes it can be easier to just teach the kids who are the easiest to teach. However, you have to teach everyone, and so how do you make sure that you are treating everyone equally, and not just favoring your best students?

Playing favorites is not a new issue at all. It is human nature to play favorites, whether it be at work, at school, or just in your family or social circle. We want to be with the people that we like the best, and will gravitate towards them.

Sometimes we do it without even realizing that we are playing favorites. The thing to keep in mind is that when kids are in school, they want to learn, and don’t want teachers who won’t treat them fairly.

The best thing that you can do as a teacher is to teach the better students, and have the goal of raising the level for the less talented students. You don’t want to shun your better students, and you don’t want them to feel as if they are being penalized for being so good at a subject. ‘

What you want to do is get your C student to do better so that they can get a B. You want to your failing students to do better so that they can pass.

How do you do this? You set the bar the same for everyone. You require that all students put in the same effort, and you work harder to get your slower students to keep up.

Whether it be mandating extra study sessions, or making a plan so that students get taught perhaps in a style that better suits them. The better students are easier to teach, but getting through to a struggling student is the best reward you can have as a teacher.

You need to make sure that you don’t play favorites from the start. You need to make sure that all students are being taught the same material, and being taught with the same passion.

Don’t push your weaker students away, even if they excel in other areas. Make sure that every student is given a chance to work on things they might be weaker in. This helps the student learn to overcome adversity, and it helps you learn to do the same thing with a student.