Teacher Tips using the Internet in Class

There have been a lot of changes to classrooms since the days of blackboards and chalk.  Advancements in technology mean that students and teachers alike have access to information and learning opportunities at the click of the button.  The introduction of the Internet into the classroom has created a whole new world of learning experiences for pupils and can be an effective tool for teachers in delivering education.  Here are some tips on how the Internet can be used in the classroom to the advantage of both the students and the teachers and some pointers to be aware of.


Using the Internet in the classroom is a great way for a teacher to help students to do research on a given topic.  It is wise for the teacher to a little research themselves before the lesson and to provide some suggested websites for their students to take a look at. 


If a teacher takes the time during their planning and preparation, they will find a whole range of different activities that can be included in their lesson to support learning in any subject.  This can also take the pressure off the teacher during the lesson as they will not have to lead all the activities or provide concrete resources.  Children often prefer to do activities on the internet rather than written work and if they are enjoying their learning it is likely that they will absorb more information and benefit more from the lesson.

Suiting different learning styles

Everybody has different ways of learning.  Some people are visual learners, some are auditory learners and some prefer a kinaesthetic approach to their learning.  A problem that many teachers face it to come up with activities that suit all the different styles of learning in their classroom.  The internet can be a great resource to use to ensure that all the different learning needs are met.


The Internet provides many fun ways to revise.  If you have pupils that find retaining information from written text difficult, this is a great way to support them in revising and doing well in tests and exams.

Social networking

A point to be aware of when using the Internet in the classroom is that many students are drawn to their social networking sites so that they can chat to their friends and classmates.  There are two ways of dealing with this.  One is to be extra vigilant and circulate the classroom regularly, the other is to have a block put on certain websites so that students can’t access them during lesson time.


There are both pros and cons to games on the Internet.  On the plus side, educational games are a fun way of getting students to learn.  On the downside, there are many non-educational games that students will want to play and will be distracted by.  Again, you will either need to be extra vigilant or to have a block put on gaming websites to avoid this distraction.