Teacher Tips using the Internet in Class

Using the Internet in your classroom is like having a teacher’s assistant, only better. More than looking things up on Wikipedia or playing games on fun websites, the Internet is capable of tutoring, reinforcing and educating your students, enhancing the education you are helping them attain. While there are so many things that the Internet has to offer, the teacher just getting started might want to consider these:

Use the Internet to do research in a safe setting. Kids can work in small groups or on their own to learn more on site like, BrainPop (and BrainPop Jr.) is a site that will enhance your learning material in almost every subject. This site, and its junior site for primary grades, offers animated videos, games and quizzes as well as lesson plans. There is plenty of support for the teacher, including webinars and special sections, but the students will be accessing the information available with very little support needed. 

Help your student understand math concepts with a built in Internet-tutor. Khan Academy is a non-profit site that offers videos for kids, grades k-12. Videos cover math and science, It is an excellent support for students who haven’t grasp a concept. It is like one-on-one tutoring. Excellent for the teacher with a lot of students in the room!

Enhance your lessons with video material from YouTube. They have a special channel just for schools. Here, you will find hundreds of videos to choose from and your students will only be able to access the videos you choose for them. Classroom-friendly, YouTube has removed offensive comments.

Teachers with thirty kids in their classrooms do not have time to read with every child every day. Students who need extra practice can go to Raz-Kids. On this reasonably priced site, students can listen to a story, read the story, perform work based on their story or take a quiz about the story. The website keeps track of their scores for you. 

Podcast can be used in the classroom two different ways. The class can access and listen to podcasts created by others. They can also create their own podcasts. Check this site for more information about how you can get it started in your classroom.

Publish your students work by creating a classroom wiki. Unlike the wikipedia pages you are used to seeing, this site can be made private. Wikispaces-education, will help get you started.

Connect with classrooms and educational institutions around the world. Kids love it when they receive a letter from a classroom halfway around the world. Imagine their joy when they actually see the students over the Internet. Skype has made it possible to bring the world right into your classroom, almost literally.

Help your students build skills. The multi-player games on Arcademics will have them thinking they are just having a good time while they actually increase their educational skills. Math skills, spelling and geography are a few of the games available for skill enhancement.

The Internet has opened new doors for classroom teachers. Add an iPad and all the apps available for it, and you find even more wonderful resources and activities. White board programs are also showing up all over the Internet. Take a little time and find out what is there. There is definitely something that will make your classroom experience easier and, therefore, better.