Teacher Tips what to do if your Students have Put a Video of you up on Youtube

Teachers need to be wary of the technological world that they inhabit. Videos on YouTube continue to be a burgeoning entity of shamelessness, mockery, and damage. Teachers that find themselves victim of a YouTube video need to seek assistance immediately from the school board that employs them.

While some teachers tastefully don’t mind flattering videos likening them to teachers from movies such as Dead Poet’s Society or The Great Debaters, a video done in a malicious manner can have damaging consequences to their career.

Within your school community there should be a strict prohibition on cell phones, cameras, and any other digital gadgetry that poses a threat to your privacy. If and when a video arises, solace can seem quite distant. Having the video removed post haste is of the utmost importance.

The Internet can be a nasty place, and your privacy and career reputation can be placed on the line if your students have videotaped you, without your knowledge, and placed it on a website such as YouTube. You will feel powerless, but there are actions that you can take, such as litigation.

Once on the website, you will be on display to the whole school, who will have heard about it long before you ever will. Contact a lawyer and have the tape removed from the website. A computer technician will also be able to find out if the source of the video came from the school you work for.

If a computer from your school was used to upload the video, it will be that much easier to catch who did it. Since your reputation and career are at stake, moving swiftly to this conclusion is imperative.

There will also be many students in the school who did not find it funny that you were mistreated, and they may have loose lips in hopes of seeing a bully punished. Listen, because the halls echo loudly with the evil that students commit.

Finding any staff member or student with whom you can trust to aid in your search will be beneficial. The truth will lie in the halls, and acquiring that knowledge may be easier than you expected.

You also need to address the video in front of your students, and laugh at yourself. Letting the class know that you were not affected by the video can go a long way to having the situation become old hat in a matter of days. You need to ensure that you are not being videotaped at all times, because in today’s fast paced technological society, there is always a camera rolling, and it may be pointed directly at you without your knowledge or consent. Take care, and avoid embarrassing situations altogether.

By laughing at yourself, you will not empower the source of the video, thus eliminating most of the fun or sinister intent. If a grandiose reaction is given, you will undoubtedly find yourself in a follow up sequel rather quickly.

Keep a cautious eye about you at all times, as you have a whole lot at stake.