Teacher Tips what to do if You’ve been Physically Assaulted by a Student

When I was growing up, I felt safe. My parents protected me
and I was unaware of the prospect of danger and evil. I
didn’t understand that some people for whatever reason would
want to hurt other people. It wasn’t until my late twenties
that I had to face this horror in my own life. It was ugly.
I’ve been physically assaulted before on several occasions and I
never pressed charges. I was too afraid to do so. After one of
the attacks, I did notify the authorities and they took pictures
and wrote down documentation. I dealt with that tragedy by moving
far away from the city where it all occurred. Not everyone can do
that though. I must also mention that those assaults had nothing
to do with my teaching career. They took place several years before I
started teaching.

But sadly, I do have firsthand knowledge regarding part of this matter.
I’m not sure how I’d handle it if this traumatic experience ever
happened to me within the confines of my own classroom or somewhere
else on my campus. This topic did dredge up some other sad memories.
I remember the horror of a frightening incident. I was teaching at
the elementary school across town from where the incident took place.
One of the high school teacher’s own students atacked him. Several
of his other students put themselves at risk as they pulled that
crazed student off the teacher. The teacher was then life-flighted
to Houston. He survived although he had a long recovery period.

Obviously, any assault should be reported immediately to the principal.
The principal and others would then take the necessary steps to insure
the safety and emotional well-being of the teacher and/or innocent
students directly involved in the incident and the rest of the campus
as well. Depending upon the severity of the attack, the teacher should
remain calm for his/her sake as well as the sake of his/her students.
The teacher needs to focus on remembering as much of the attack as
possible, if she/he is still conscious and alert, so the police can
gather imformation regarding the assailant. You may not be interested
in seeking justice and you may not harbor any notion of seeking
revenge either…you may just want to put this ugly episode behind you.

Once you’ve been physically attacked by the student, you need to seek
medical and probably psychological help. You’ll need to be very patient
regarding your recovery. It will be difficult but hopefully you’ll muster
the courage to deal with the aftermath of this attack whether it’s a minor
assault or an attempted murder on the part of the young perpetrator.