Teacher Tips what to do if You’ve been Physically Assaulted by a Student

If you have been physically assaulted by a student, you must call the principal’s office immediately and have the student removed from the classroom. If you have security in the school, you can also call them immediately. No student should ever physically assault a teacher.

However teachers can keep physical assaults to a minimum or under control by not doing things a teacher shouldn’t do such as yelling at students, picking on students, and being unfair with students.

Teachers should always exercise caution when disciplining students. There is a right way and a wrong way to discipline. The wrong way can cause the student to retaliate. You don’t want to invoke this behavior in the student. It is not good for you and not good for the student.

You may want to give up your life-long dream of teaching after being physically assaulted by a student. (I know of a teacher who gave up teaching after being physically assaulted. She taught for many years at the same school I taught). The student who has physically assaulted you may end up in prison, which will lead to a downward spiral for the student.

Students have a whole life ahead of them and should be guided into the best possible outcome in their life, not the worst.

All people have good qualities. Try to bring out the best qualities from students, not the worst qualities. Don’t challenge disruptive students. Deal with them in a mature manner.

Bring out your best qualities also when dealing with your students. Learn to curb your emotions and present the best possible example to your students.

Normally, no one and that includes students, will physically assault a person without being provoked. Deal with students in a respectful manner and they will respect you in turn.

If you are having trouble bringing out your best side and the best side of your students, begin reading books that will educate you further in negotiating, discipline, and relationships.

Learn the right ways and wrong ways of discipline. If you can’t find books that adequately deal with the subject start googling until you find some good answers.

Once you find good material regarding the subject of discipline and negotiating with people, read it and study it and practice alone until you know the material well enough to use it. And then begin to use it in your classroom.

You should begin to see results for the positive. Students will begin behaving in a more positive manner and you will feel better about your teaching skills.

Never allow a physical assault by provoking a physical assault. But in case of a real physical assault notify authorities immediately – your principal and the security staff.