Teacher Tips what to do if You’ve been Physically Assaulted by a Student

As teachers, we are charged with the care of students, acting as surrogate parents. While in our care, we are solely responsible for their well-being. Conversely, the same respect and care is not always reciprocated. Once in a while, a student will become aggressive towards his or her teacher, assaulting them, and shredding them of their dignity.

If you’ve been physically assaulted by a student, the main emphasis needs to be on securing the safety of the other students, and wresting control back from the assailant’s grasp. Once things have been placed back in order, then you need to seek immediate help for any injuries that you may have suffered.

At no point should you take a physical assault by a student personally. No matter what precipitated the attack, or any words that were uttered, you should realize that the assault probably had nothing to do with you, rather you innocently became the target of unsequestered rage.

Today’s society is rife with violence, and rapacious acts are abundant everywhere you look. The school setting is no longer a safe haven, and their are inherent risks for the faculty. Seeking answers to the problem are what every teacher should do, since it is in our nature to want to learn. The assault needs to be reported and documented for litigious reasons. While charges may seem necessary, the whole picture does need to be examined thoroughly before rushing into hasty decisions.

The prevalence of violence flashes across the evening news and the front page of the newspaper seemingly every day. Another school shooting, another group of casualties lost to the tragedy of a violent outburst. Schools are becoming prime locations for physical assaults, and an end needs to be put to this devastating scenario. Schools need to be places of edification and safety. We need to ensure that our schools are safer than the local playgrounds.

Physical assaults, no matter how grandiose, are against the law and detrimental to society as a whole. We, as teachers, parents, and concerned civilians need to lash out at the politicians and school boards that do not take a zero tolerance attitude towards violence. Depending on the severity of the attack, and if the student is of a certain age, then swift movement needs to occur. If you are a teacher, and you have been physically assaulted by a student, there is immediate action that needs to take place.

First and foremost, the incident needs to be brought to the attention of the principal and the police. The documentation of the incident needs to be taken while it is still fresh in your mind. Any available video footage needs to be secured. Any witnesses that were present need to be sequestered before they can concoct any fabrications in defense of their wayward classmate.

A physical assault against a teacher is cause for expulsion from school and criminal charges being laid against the student. Anything less will allow for similar incidents to occur, and on a much grander scale.

Violence begets violence, and soon it can blossom into a nightmarish scene for all involved. You must also make certain that you press the issue with the police and the courts, not backing down for any reason whatsoever. Until society takes a firm stand against violence, the newspapers are going to keep reporting about similar incidents happening throughout schools everywhere.