Teachers Tips for Dealing with a Bully in Class

Bullies are not uncommon.They are easy to find from the grassroots to the pinnacle of our educational system.And they are especially common in grade school.So as a teacher,it becomes necessary you know how to handle such bullies.And here are the steps to take.

First of all,if you have a bully in your class,you must try to find out the cause of his or her behavior and deal with it.A typical example is Johny,a friend of mine back in grade school.He regularly terrorizes other children smaller than him and borrows their properties such as pencils,rules and erasers by force.And never does he return them.Asking him was akin to putting your head in the lions jaw.Although he was taken to the Principal’s office,our teacher made her own investigations and found out that Johny’s father was a hardcore drug addict,and the mother an alcoholic,who regularly fight each other in the house.Johny’s behavior only got changed after he was taken through a month long counseling session.Hence,it is very important you know the background of any bully in your class.

Secondly,you can organize your other pupils,and advise them to shun the bully’s company.

If he or she came to realize that nobody wants to be friend with him or her anymore,he or she may change for the better.And this was the technique I used on my twin brother,back in Junior High School.Because of his bigger stature,he was always taking the helm of affairs in everything we do,with the argument that he is older than me.He only changed after I started ignoring him from time to time.

It is also interesting to note that most bullies love sitting at the back row in class,where they are able to bully others without being seen.It will therefore be very smart of you to put him or her in the front row.

Finally,you can talk to your class on how bad bullying is,and even tell them the biblical story in which,Goliath,the bully got bettered by the small David.This will surely make any bully in your class to think twice before bullying others again.

All said and done,understanding a bullies’ background is no doubt the most important element in dealing with them.