Teaching Computer use to Absolute Beginners

Let’s start with the most basic things about the computer.

When you turn the computer on you will see windows loading right? Well after that what can you do? Let’s see the most used tool of all time: Email. Open your browser and create your first email inbox. The email is the number one tool people use to online communications. It’s so useful that you can subscribe to news to it, magazines, even to open accounts on website you will need to have an email because they want to confirm your identity. I would recommend you to get an email on Google. It’s the fastest internet emails plus has video chat integrated and you can even chat with people like on MSN. This email however does not have unlimited space like Yahoo does… You will need to enter all your personal information and then pick an address. Pick one you can remember. Create a strong password and leave it on a password vault so you do not have to remember it all the time. Then you are done. Inside the email you just need to click on the compose part and then you are done. Happy sending emails!

Next thing is how to use the internet browser specially the engine Google. With Google you can find anything on the web that is public and even sadly some information that was supposed to be private. This Google is able to search for any piece of information you want in just some milliseconds and give you the results in less than one second. All this thanks to the engineers on Google. If you want to find a specific file you just need to write filetype:pst or any other extension you like.

Next thing to know is how to use Windows. To create a folder you just need to right click on your mouse button then to create a new folder and give it a name. Then all you need to to is to open it and send some files to it. If you want a virtual folder all you need to do is to save the search you just done with Windows Vista.

Virtual folders are better than the regular folders because they can give you any information or file in your computer in just one place, very fast and accurate. You do not have to browse all the folders, you just need to write part of the name and the extension of the desired file.

Finally you need to know how to make a simple website. I will recommend you to use the Google Page Creator. This free online program is able to make for you a very simple website where you can add information about yourself and your company. Here you can also make it public or private. Great to impress your new boss.

See the computer does not have to be that scary monster machine!