Teaching Tips how to Avoid Confrontations with Problem Students in Front of the

As a class teacher every teacher have to face confrontational students. It is inevitable because some students are by nature or of their background is confrontational and like to disrupt the class or annoy the teacher. It is a major problem particularly in public schools. To be effective as a teacher he or she must know how to pro-actively tackle with these students will ensure effective class management and maximizing the time students learn in the class other then resolving and wasting time in conflict resolution. It is better for a teacher to reduce these situations before they arise using some effective strategies to avoid and proactively tackle confrontational students.

In this context it is important to understand the positive relationship with these students is the corner stone to pro-actively reduce the occurrence of confrontational behavior in the class room before other students and build a true and lasting relationship with them. The way and method to use is to allocate some time outside class room every day with these students sharing your interest and their interest other than academic ones. As well, show real interest in their carrier prospects and other training opportunities as well in resolving any psychological and emotional issues they have and refer to appropriate professionals and councilors in schools and outside to get help in time. In addition, in class the teacher must be fair in resolving problems with all students equally when discipline the students. This is vital because the confrontational students will wait for a chance to make trouble by showing your discriminatory behavior. In other words the teacher must learn to be fair and not show body language at any time they are going to have a fight in the class and to neutral at all times in the class. However, they must not expect the confrontation will be eliminated because it is inevitable to face some situations in the class and they must be able to have effective strategies to avoid confrontation in class by not reacting to situations but pro-actively engaging with these students and to be fair in disciplining all students in the same way if they commit the same mistake.

As mentioned above using the above strategies a teacher may have the ability to handle confrontational situations effectively and also reduce the probability of the confrontational situation arising in the first place by developing a positive relationship between them and the confrontational students in the class. It is not an easy task and the teacher must be patient to see results in a continuum not an immediate improvement of relationship with these students as it takes time to build trust with them. Understanding the practical difficulties mentioned above a teacher can have effective strategies to tackle confrontational students in the class and also maximize the time of learning than resolving disputes and lost time of class disruption as well have deep respect earned from students.