Teaching Tips the Importance of Fairness in the Classroom

As a child, you enter the class room at school eager to engage in your socialization with your friends, learn what is new and be a part of a fun learning experience. Children have no thought of fairness in the way in which their teacher treats them with respect to the other kids. Unfortunately this is the same as in any other situation in our world. People are conditioned or trained to categorize people upon first sight and that stigma can haunt a child for their entire career in the school.

Of course all children are different, with varying learning styles and dispositions which combine to create a truly unique atmosphere and learning environment. Labels are quickly used to separate those that are exceptional from average or slow learners. By doing this, the teacher will limit the success of children that sometimes need a little encouragement to achieve a higher level than they are used to.

In my case, I had a teacher in high school that found it beneficial to hand out the graded papers after each quiz or test in numerical score order and have us walk in front of the entire class as she read our grades. Obviously for those of us on the lowest end of this distribution, we felt fairness was a fantasy. Our spirits were crushed and I quit trying in the second half of the year.

A teacher’s influence is more profound than any other than of course a parents. What they say to our children, do to or for our children and how they make them feel as far as self concept is critical to the child’s success. A good teacher is remembered for a lifetime with fondness and pleasant memories. The same can be said of a teacher that is treating your child unfairly. I still have no affection for the teacher I referenced earlier that made such a division in the quality of her students.

Children learn how to fit into the world by how they experience their life whatever the environmental factors might be. Do you want your child to feel that the world is against them due to the way they are treated with the classroom by someone who receives their pay from your tax money?

It is incumbent on teachers to stay objective as they try to shape the minds of our little ones. My son has a teacher that is unfair to all because she is in the wrong position and he hates her and dreads every day. Our children deserve someone who is able to help their development in all ways and the platform of fairness may be the most important. So, teachers take heed, your customers demand more!