Teenagers Sex Drama and School – Disagree

It is unfair of us adults to expect teenagers not to have sex. Not when our culture is so deeply immersed in sex, that you would be hard pressed to not find an advert in your own home of a beautiful woman flirting with the camera trying to sell you a product to make you look like them. When we bring up our little boys to think they can expect sex from a girl, and make our little girls believe the only way a boy will notice them is if they wear short skirts and reveal as much of their chests as possible.

To say teens having sex would affect academic success is a very long shot. A quick fumble one night is not going to affect long term learning. In fact, a quick tumble in the sheets before an exam might even help them improve test scores due to the chemicals our bodies release during sex. Calming us down, making us feel good, and taking away any anxiety.

Of course there are risks to teen sex, just like there are risks to having sex as an adult; putting on the condom wrong, getting STI’s, or a pregnancy. How are any of those examples different from what would happen too an adult? Of course, if the teen catches an STI, then they might have to take time out of school to go get checked up and cash in their prescription. Just like you might have to take time off work to do the same thing after a one night stand with that real gorgeous person you met after having one too many drinks. Worst of all is if a pregnancy occurs, but then there is adult education, online education, and many support systems available should it happen. There is also the less desirable, but sometimes necessary option of terminating the pregnancy. Or the much easier option to avoid such a happening of improving sex education in schools, so that all the mysteries of sex are completely taken away, and our teens know of the risks involved with sex so well that they think twice before having it.

One has to remember that of course emotions will get involved. This being the most likely distraction from educational pursuits, again, how is this any different from what teenage girls go through in their own little cliques? The day to day dramas of a young girls social circle are head spinning, and have been documented in programmes such as ‘The Hills’, and ‘Laguna Beach’. Will it affect your boys? Possibly,  but we’ve told our young men that getting sex is the number one goal in life, and they’ll be far more celebrated than our young women.

Sex is another social act. One that comes with emotions, and drama, just like everything else in a teen’s life. When was the last time a teenager willingly did their homework without grumbling? As much as we can try, we cannot stop them having sex. Saying ‘no’ becomes a challenge, and they will become even more determined to have it. Academic success should come second to educating your teen about themselves, other people, sex, and helping guide them through the most turbulent years of their lives. School can always be done again, and drama will come in all forms some much more distracting than sex. Hyping the subject up only encourages a teenager to do it. We were all young once, and as much as we’d love to see our children thrive, we must be realistic about the societal pressures on our teenagers today, and the virtues we wish for them to have among those pressures.