Teens Sex and School Grades – Disagree

Does a sexually active teen do worse in school than another teen that isn’t? Chances are, it won’t have much impact on their academic success.

Teens nowadays are having sex at a young age, and surely it’s causing a lot of problems, such as teen pregnancy. As well, there’s a great need for more education on the topic because of STIs (sexually transmitted infections), but would being sexually active hinder one’s education?

Of course not. When a teen sleeps with someone one night, does it mean that they’ll start doing poorly in school for the weeks after that? There’s no indication that students who are sexually active will do badly, and I doubt it’d be much of a problem. If a teen is spending more time in bed with someone else than studying, of course it’ll be a problem, but with teens in the present, it’s often a once-in-a-while occurrence, not something that happens every other night.

Let’s give a basic definition of “sexually active”: engages in sex acts on a regular basis. Let’s say a teen sleeps with someone once every couple of months, the norm for sexually active teens nowadays. Maybe directly after their first time they may be excited or may be a bit preoccupied with it, but it certainly won’t hinder their grades. If they regret it or are having problems with their friends because of it, it may affect their performance in school, but if they’re sexually active, they’d be “used to it”, and it’d be an occasional event that passes by like a weekend at the mall. It might become a topic for gossip, but that sort of thing probably wouldn’t get on a teen’s mind too deeply.

It might even be beneficial for a teen, because they may feel refreshed after a night in bed or maybe have a little more self-esteem. Especially for those hormonal and sexually frustrated boys, a night in bed can help relieve them of those thoughts, and maybe even do better in school.

Assuming a teen does not get pregnant or sick, or get into any legal trouble arising from sex, a teen would have virtually nothing, concerning academics, to worry about. Hopefully, the teen would be wise and not go to bed with someone during their exam month, and certainly using protection to avoid getting pregnant or some sort of sexually transmitted disease. Overall, a teen would not compromise academic success for sex, as having sex once in a while is like, for sexually active teens, a day at the amusement park or a party every once in a while.