Teens Writing Skills

It is really easy to see to much the writing standards have changed among teens. Especially when it comes to their Internet communications and communications over the phone. Many teens feel the better way or even faster is to abbreviate every other word or phrase to maximize their communication, not seeing how easily it is to forget proper English outside of their Internet connections. Teens have taken it upon themselves to forget how to write or even disregard proper pronunciation because of the fact that they do not use it when they communicate among each other. 

It is easily seen when it comes to progress in school and certain classes how much their learning curves have changed due to the amount of students who’s learning objectives have dropped. Internet communication have definitely made a big change in the writing standards among teens and younger children. When noticing the difference of the language between the older generation as opposed to today’s generation, its clear how much differently our vocabulary and English standards are. Most of the problem occurs through out breaks when teens use the Internet as a constant source of communication and they forget or simply try to keep every word or phrase as short as usual. 

This is the newest thing to do, since most cell phones, before this year had a small amount of figures allowed per texts, so many teens or even adults had to abbreviate to get everything they wanted to say in a single message. However, as the cell phone quality increased and more figures were allowed per text, teens still abbreviated words or phrases, and doing this enough, has cause loss of proper language skills among themselves. It really didn’t matter if only one person was texting another, the main point was communication among each other, and how this affected their verbal skills. 

Few teens actually take it upon themselves to differentiate between their communication in the Internet and in person, mostly because most do not take texting as important actually communicating in the real world. For parents or teachers that can communication to improve or help improve this problem among teens simply taking away most of the time spent on the Internet or phones can do a lot of good seeing how teens interact more that way with their friends rather than anyone else. Constant communication and monitoring these changes, teens can start to improve and modify their communication skills.