The benefits of joining high school student clubs

There are four great reasons you should join a club in high school. Being in a club gets you involved with other people and builds the necessary group work skills that you will need in both college and the work place. Second, club activities look good on resumes and college applications. They open up scholarship opportunities as well. Thirdly you get involved and make good friends. Fourth they can help you decide on a college major which will set you on a career path early.

The workplace has become more and more difficult to manage as technology seemingly puts people in cubicles and creates independent narcissists. In response to this trend, high schools, colleges, and employers are all working to teach students and future employees how to work creatively and effectively with others. Building problem solving skills and group work skills are necessities. Face it, no matter how you cut it, you are going to be working with people. Joining a club can make this task a no-problem second nature skill.

Being part of something as simple as one club can allow you to build up a really good resume or college application. Take FFA for example. What use to be know as the Federal Farmers of America, has many opportunities for advancement through their large network of conferences and competitions. If you win or place in any of these competitions you can put those achievements down in your awards category on applications and resumes. Many organizations are set up similarly in which there are opportunities for advancement. Most of the clubs and activities available will also have special scholarships just because of your participation in the club. Scholarships mean free money for college. And all you have to do is be in a club and apply for the scholarships when available.

Becoming a part of a club means you become a part of a larger interest community. This means people who are interested in the same thing as you all get together to do something that everyone in that community has a passion for. This could be farming, robotics, music, bowling, or many more. These are great places to make new friends and be involved with the community. Being in a club can greatly boost your self confidence and academic performance.

The greatest things about clubs is that they give you a taste of what many careers may contain. For example if you are thinking engineering, you may want to join a robotics team or join a computer technology group. Engineering has so many possibilities. Electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, and more. In a simple organization you can get a taste for what type of career you may want in the future. The same applies for other clubs like writing clubs, psychology clubs, or drama clubs. Clubs are a hands-on way to apply what you have learned on your own or in the classroom. This can greatly influence the direction you take when you decide on a major in college.

Joining a club might take some time. But don’t worry. Clubs aren’t cults. If you try something and find out you don’t like it, join a different one. If there are not many clubs and organizations in your school, always feel free to start your own. The benefits of being active in clubs are to large to pass up. Join a club, have fun, and build your future.