The Benefits of Part Time Jobs for Students

There are many benefits for students who decide to take on a part time job. The world of work is very different from campus life. Campus life is not a real reflection of the real world. One has to be practical and hands on when working in the real world. Campus life is all about deadlines and examination dates. One has to be a fast learner in the real world and securing an academic degree does not really mean that the person has learnt much about the working world. The academic degree is just a stepping stone into launching a brilliant career.

It is true that today people who go to university and study towards a tertiary qualification generally have a better chance of securing a good job with a good salary and benefits but work experience can also play a huge role in how successful a candidate is. In today’s working world many companies are looking for some kind of work experience and a recognised and suitable qualification. Students who have a part time job have a greater chance of getting noticed by companies when applying for vacancies as they have gained some kind of working experience. Companies may feel that college graduates straight out of university who do not have any work experience may need to be babysat and no one has time today to do this. Companies want workers who are motivated and quick learners. Students who have done part time work at college will realise that the working world is not a bed of roses and they will have to really motivate themselves and stick it out before they can see results.

Students who have done part time jobs may stand a chance when applying for vacancies in the same companies where they had worked. This may be a higher level job but the fact that the candidate had worked in the company and they are familiar with the rules, regulations and organisational culture puts the candidate in good position to be entitled to the job. These people will also be familiar with the organisational dynamics of the company and they may have contacts within the organisation who can help them with employment.

Students who have work part time will be able to manage part time studies more effectively when they hold a full time job. Many people decide to study something else once they have completed a primary degree or diploma. This could be a short course or a post graduate degree which is done part time. Students who do a part time job while studying full time may be better equipped with dealing with the stress of holding a full time job and studying part time which could prove to be very stressful.

It is more beneficial for a student to have a part time job during university than spend his/her free time drinking alcohol or attending parties with friends. Part time work can give the student that edge that he/she needs when applying for a higher full time postion in the workforce.