The Benefits of School Breakfast Programs

Educational bodies are constantly looking for ways to improve the learning experiences of high school students. Different programs and methods of support are put into place in high schools in an effort to enhance learning, help students to achieve their full learning potential and to improve the experiences of students. One such program is the breakfast program. Here is a look at what a breakfast program is and how this can help the learning of high school students.

What is a breakfast program?

In different schools, breakfast programs consist of different things. While in some schools a breakfast program is the provision of food in the mornings for students who do not have the time or the opportunity to eat at home, in other schools it is a focused study group at the beginning of the day to support students in particular subjects. In the case of the former, these often take place in inner city areas where it has been recognized that due to a variety of socio-economic reasons students do not eat breakfast before school. In the case of the latter there are a number of different reasons why a student would be attending a breakfast program. This may be because they are gifted in this area, because they have difficulties in learning in this particular subject and would benefit from the additional support and others because they have an interest in and take enjoyment from a subject.

Individualized learning

Breakfast programs that focus on the learning of students can give students the benefits of individualized learning. As the groups are smaller, the teachers will have more time to focus on the strengths, weaknesses and learning styles of the individual students.

Improved health

When a breakfast program involves the provision of food, there are definite benefits to the health of the student. It is proven that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, both in terms of physical well-being and inn terms of mental function throughout the day.

Focus and concentration

The ways in which breakfast programs can improve the focus and concentration of the students, thus benefiting their learning, are twofold. Firstly, the provision of food in the mornings will help to improve their mental capacity and maintain focus on their learning throughout the day. Secondly, the probability of smaller groups, individualized learning and a decrease in external distractions will also help the student to maintain focus and concentration.

Small groups

Students who attend a breakfast program are likely to be working in smaller groups than they would be if they were working in a whole class situation. This can be beneficial to many students as there is less distraction, more focus on their personal learning needs and the potential for more one-to-one time with a member of staff.


The provision of breakfast programs in high schools varies from one school to the next. Regardless of the exact provision that is provided, there can be many benefits to the learning of high school students.