The best Fountain Pens on the Market

Does anyone actually use a fountain pen anymore? The fact is that they are very popular, and are used because of their quality and beauty, as well as the ease with which they add beauty to the written word.

In America there is this trend in the educational system to stop teaching cursive writing. Of course, cursive is an art, and can be very beautiful, or very ugly and unreadable. People who use the fountain pen usually write in cursive, however the fountain pen lends an added touch of elegance in it’s presentation of letters and words.

When you begin to search for the “best” fountain pen, there are a few specific things you need to look for. How well the ink flows onto the paper is very significant when it comes to choosing a quality pen. Most fountain pens have a specific ink that is recommended, and specific cartridges they recommend for their pens. The flow of the ink must be even. When the ink sometimes flows too fast, causing blotting, or the ink dries too fast on the nib, there is no consistency in the print. A quality pen will recommend quality ink.

The nib, which is the part through which the ink flows to the paper, are made of various medals. The best quality nib is made of 14ct, or 18ct gold. The quality that you need depends upon what you want, and how you use the pen. Personal preference is also a measure of personal quality. The size of the nib, and they come in as many as 5 sizes, (Extra fine, fine, medium, broad, and double broad), is a personal preference, but adds personality to the writers presentation. It just depends on what you desire to present on the page.

The quality of workmanship, and material the pen is made of will contribute to how durable the pen is. You can purchase pens made of gold, silver, chrome, plastic, or pewter, etc. There are pens covered by leather. How you are going to use the pen will help determine what material you might choose.

While brand names may or may not always be directly related to the quality of the fountain pen, it will often give you a hint as to how well made the pen is. There are hundreds of brands of fountain pens, and companies who make them. Some of the best brands might include Swisher Pens, Cross Pens, Waterman Phileas fountain pens, Parker pens, and the list can go on and on. There is no shortage of options.

In your search, you can use keywords like, “lawyers fountain pens,” “Doctors fountain pens,” “fountain pens presidents use,” “Calligraphy pens,” “Quality fountain pens”.

Because the term “best” represents opinion, you will have to decide for yourself. Artists use certain types of pens for lettering. Calligraphers have specific kinds of pens they use. Each of these have their own idea as to which is the best.

Once again, the part of the pen that makes the greatest difference in the quality of writing is the nib and the kind of ink used. You can even take some lesser quality pens, use the better ink and nibs, and it will produce good quality of print.

It should be pointed out that no matter how good the pen is, if you are using the wrong kind of paper you will not have a quality outcome. You need paper what will not bleed. Even the best pens cannot produce quality lettering unless it is used on high quality paper.