The best Summer Workshops for Teachers

Teachers need to keep themselves rejuvenated, updated and motivated.  One of the best ways to make sure these things happen is to attend a summer workshop.  There are literally thousands of workshops to choose from.  It is clear that not every workshop would work for the needs of every teacher.

One of the first things a teacher should do is to  asses the needs. Perhaps there is a need to catch up with technology.  There are children coming to preschool with  cell phones to call parents.  There are 2nd graders who are tweeting.  Computers are common in most homes.  It is important for teachers to keep up and there are summer workshops that can help in that area.  San Diego Super Computer Center has some excellent options in this area.

Some teachers may need this time to work on their own creativity and writing. It may be a time to look within and find a creative center. The Creativity Workshop may be the just ticket.  There are several writing workshops that may not be specific to teachers, but may be the best choice for some teacher.  This is a pretty good list to begin with.

Mathematics seems to get more and more important in a global economy.  Good math teachers are hard to find and most schools find it worth their while to pay for and support math workshops. Many of these can now be completed on line.  It is a different summer workshop that brings the world right into the home of the teacher.  A great place to begin the search is SDE.  The choices are many and the price range is wide.

Many universities specialize in summer work shops for teachers. Some teachers find satisfaction returning to their roots and going back to where they received their teacher degree. Sometimes they are lucky enough to renew friendships and professional ties with contacts of the past.  Check with local universities as well and see what they have to offer. Universities also offer the options of credits, which are needed to keep teaching certificates up to date and in good standing. It is hard to go wrong with any university program.

Teacher workshops are kind of like a pair of gloves in the winter.  Almost any glove will help keep the weather out and serve a purpose.  However, if a teacher seeks out the pair of gloves that feels the best, looks the best and still keeps the hands warm that is a good decision. Think of the workshop as a great pair of gloves.