The best Websites for Science Games that Teach

With the changing trends in kids’ toys, many parents are getting into the computer trend of purchasing tablets and electronic devices as toys. Although tablets can be great for building imagination, familiarity with computers and even music; there is no substitute for classic science toys. The skills learned through experiments, building a hypothesis on what the result will be and using key parts of the brain to figure things out are key elements to learning. These are the skills that are important in other areas of learning and are instrumental in children’s toys. While many toy stores can be limited in science related learning toys, there are a number of great websites that offer a larger variety.

Think Geek

Think Geek is a website with science related toys that range from the whimsical and silly to the intricate and advanced. The Air Strike Catapult toy teaches kids about aerodynamics through a colorful and fun device, while the Edge Robotic Arm Kit allows kids to build their own fully functional robotic arm.

Brain Waves Toys

Brain Waves Toys divides their science toys into categories of archaeology, biology, environmental, fish & wildlife, geography, geology, magnets and physics. Kids will love the beginner kit for learning about dinosaur bones and even the Dora themed science kits featuring their favorite characters.

Discovery Kids Store

Discovery Kids is everything that you’d expect from a store derived from the Discovery Channel. There are microscopes geared for kids, electronic gadget labs, fire and ice volcanoes, 3D hanging planets and stars and even motor works gadgets.

Discover This

Discover This has an amazing selection of science related toys for children. They have the classic chemistry sets, sea monkey aquariums, rockets, crystal growing and much more. While many of the products are inexpensively priced, there is a category that features toys all for under $10. This is a great site for classic learning science toys and fun add-ons for stocking stuffers or occasional gifting.

Educational Toys Planet

Educational Toys Planet divides their science toys into categories of science kits, chemistry, space, physics, activity books, forensics and much more. Their category for backyard science is a great way to implement nature and the outdoors in your child’s learning experience. This is great for science toys that may be too messy for inside the house and a fun way to get them outside in the fresh air to play.

Wonder Brains

Wonder Brains has an abundance of science related toys regarding nature and bug discovery. Whether it’s the classic anthill toy or a butterfly pavilion, nature is a great way to teach kids about the natural wonders of the world. It invokes questioning, exploration and further intrigue in learning.

When searching for games and toys for children, it can be difficult to find a wide selection when visiting your local toy store or big chain store. However, there are a wide variety of websites that cater towards science toys for learning. With many of the products being moderately priced, this is a great alternative to the sometimes pricey kids’ toys that are trendy. These classic science toys and games are not just great for learning but also good for the budget.