The Case against Cell Phones in Schools

Mobile phones and any other similar device really only have one useage for children at school. contact between child and home in emergency. This is so if there is a delay on going home or something more serious happens then contact can be made, in fact many parents will get a phone for this reason. If a school tries to ban phones totally then this is the argument that parents will come back with. Therefore a compromise should be made, phones should be allowed for the journey to and from school. When at school the phone should be held in a secure place for the duration of the school day. The compromise should also state that phones are brought at the pupils’ and parents’ own risk, not leaving the school responsible.

The child should be made aware of this agreement and should be constantly reminded of the agreement so they aren’t tempted to smuggle a phone in. They can be told of the risk associated with loss or damage but also other things that can be involved. For example phones can be targets for bullies and thieves that may operate in school, there fore carrying one could be a physical risk. Also it’s possible to send blue tooth messages from phone to phone that can disable or alter the recipient’s phone. Also unpleasant messages or pictures can be sent to anyones phone at any time.

The school can also add a few reasons itself, as well as the bullying/thief scenario. In an exam there’s a possibility phones can receive texts with answers and pupils could use any Internet content to find answers to their tests. Having a blanket ban makes things simpler for all and means all operate on a level playing field. Also phones can be used for recording incidents before sharing them with anyone and everyone via the phones them selves or the Internet. This could include happy slapping incidents, other acts of bullying or in extreme cases even pictures from within a changing room. Within a classroom rather then the traditional passing of notes there could be exchanging of texts instead, an act equally disruptive to the teacher and class.

Mobiles have their uses and can be helpful in the right situation, there is no real scenario where they are needed in a normal school day. They should be allowed in if justified but held throughout the day to avoid problems listed before. For organised trips a teacer can hold a phone for emergencies, for events in school then the internal system can be used.