The Case against Cell Phones in Schools

Cell phones and other electronics are really becoming a hassle in high school as well as primary school these days. The problem is that us kids value our friends too much and don’t understand the importance of what we’re learning, right? Not exactly. The problem is that we’re in school for 7 hours a day and often times we work soon there after. We know our education is important as it gives us a foundation for a stable future, but we need a balance. We need our friends, they’re an important part of our lives. But we can’t be using our phones when we should be focusing on something else. There’s a simple solution that only one school I’ve ever attended (which is saying something considering I’ve been in 4 highschools in the past 3 years) has ever figured that out, and they’re now being forced to change their policy because of district school board rules. Their philosophy was basically, “Let them use their phones when they don’t have something else they need to be doing, and they won’t need to sneak them out during classes.” And to be perfectly honest, it works! While I attended that school I only saw a cell phone out in class or heard one go off maybe once a month! As opposed to at least once a week at the other schools I’ve attended, as well as the one I’m attending now. By allowing us to use our phone in the hallways during passing periods and during lunch, we have no reason to sneak it during class. We know that in only a maximum of 45 minutes we’ll be able to check and text or call again, as opposed to the maximum of 7 hours when they’re not allowed at all. And considering there are often more teachers and administrators in the hallways, it’s actually safer in that environment to use your phone while in a class where you should be listening or completing an assignment. It’s such a simple solution but paranoia about cheating has reached such a high that it appears school board officials don’t see the logic in the idea anymore.