The Debate on whether Psychology should be a Mandatory or Elective School course

High school taught me about many subjects; it taught me rhetorical devices, Pythagorean Theorem, Keynesian economics and the ins and outs of the atom. In the state of Florida; English, Math, History and Science are mandatory courses that must be taken upon graduation. However, one of the must amazing and educative courses I took in high school was neither of these it was Psychology. Psychology, which is the science and social study of mental processes and human behavior, was really the start of me understanding myself and others around me.

To my dismay psychology was an elective course amongst home economics and SAT prep not to say that these classes aren’t important but they really aren’t necessary to develop a functional human being. Psychology is such a magnificent course because it incorporates so many aspects of life into one subject, it teaches you biology, statistics, research, and most importantly helps develop logical thinking, rationalization and a sense of persona. The point in making courses mandatory in high school is to prepare a student for college and life as a whole.

However, not everyone in life needs to know Algebra II or Shakespearean plays or the theory of relativity to name a few. But, it is safe to assume that a human being does need to know proper parenting, human growth and development and to understand how his/or her brain works. As the matter of fact prerequisites in pre-med, pre-law, engineering and business require for a student to take at least introduction to psychology in order to graduate or go into graduate school. To be successful in fields like business, advertising or law one key characteristic one has to have is the ability of persuading people in either buying your product or believing the validity of the case your presenting or investing in your business.

So why not make a course like this mandatory for students in high school who want to get a head start in their careers. See, average students wont take courses if their not mandatory and the electives an average student will take are probably the more simplistic ones like P.E or Computer typing; psychology would not really be an option. The concept most people have of psychology is the Freudian sitting on a couch type, there is so much more to psychology like theories of learning, memory, human growth and development, and research psychology. Making a course like this mandatory in high school would definitely increase student’s intellectuality and much further prepare them for the real world and their surroundings.