The Future of College Lectures

With many advances in technology, changes in student culture, and a wide variety of professors, the college classroom can quickly become an extremely outdated place. Although it is argued that the college classroom has become outdated, universities are utilizing all available resources to accommodate this shift.

The traditional college lecture involved a professor, speaking to large classes of students. Many times, there would be more than two hundred students in a class, and the professor would write important information on the chalkboard. That method of teaching worked for years, so there is no reason it should stop working. It is fairly noticeable that college students have a mindset that technology makes the world work. While that is true, to some extent, technology has put the traditional college lecture in an awkward place. Although some professors don’t allow any electronics and maintain a very traditional classroom, many are turning to technology and using that as a vital teaching tool. Virtual classrooms are becoming more popular. That method of teaching allows professors to teach more personally to a higher quantity of students. Powerpoints and videos are nothing new, but are now very common in the classroom. Many professors are utilizing professional websites to post assignments and documents.

While professors are utilizing those tools, students are using technology to its full advantage as well. Laptops are not new, either. Most students either own, rent, or borrow a laptop and use it in class. This makes taking and sharing notes much easier. Tablets are emerging as a whole new medium of note taking. Students can record classes, and play back the recording with their penstrokes in the virtual notebook. Classrooms are going paperless, and the effects of that will be discovered. There are many opinions on that topic, but that is not the point.

While a new generation of students is coming through, colleges and universities are keeping up, using technology and new methods of teaching in the classroom to stay up to date. College lectures can easily be seen as outdated, but universities are being proactive to catering to the needs of students. There will be a day when college lectures are soley internet based and classrooms are virtual. That day will come, but the college classroom is not prepared for that yet. Steps are being taken in that direction. As for now, the lectures are keeping up with the new needs of today’s college students.