The High School Mentality and how it Affects our Generation

“Here’s your lunch pail. Now go play nice with the other children.” You might hear this and assume a mother is sending her adolescent child off to school. When in fact it applies to our adult people. More and more we see our generation acting as though they have not progressed into the mature behavior. Exhibiting traits such befitting a junior high or high school student. These include a magnitude of treachery, backstabbing, gossip to name a few.

In school this was our way to survive the often cold feelings you received from others. Or one occasion it was a starting point from a student who has observed this from one or both parents at home. It is a protective mechanism to become like the enemy to keep from being hurt further. The right and kind behaviore falls futher and further from their memory. Life is all about drama, but it is contained in a beyond your control box. The drama discussed here is brought on. It is almost primitive in a sense that a group will pick a weakling and attack it just because they can. Name calling and sometimes physical abuse, the deciet is sometimes hidden in someone who you thought was trustworthy. You have those who are not afraid of showing this. “I’m a mean person and I don’t care who knows it.” Then you have those who don’t want anyone to know that they are playing the game. The two faced persons. Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me? Yes they most certainly do and they have lasting effects. College, lets face it, is just a copy of high school but with more beer. It is the full adult phase that has trouble coming about. People don’t realize they actully have another person of themselves to move into.

Adulthood is the time for flourishing relationships, where the next generation is being molded in your children. A time for families to get together with other families. The deeper feelings and meaning of life in your little world you make. It is what life is about. What you strive for. Instead we are stuck. This is in everyday business dealings. More responsibilities and privileges but no maturity. Ergo credit card debt. Business is not done to do right thing – respect. Marriages are handled like childhood flings. We just break up.

We are in desperate need for a wake up call and to grow up!