The Importance of Grades at School

For a parent, school has always been a priority for their kids in life. It represents security, education and further expanding of wisdom and knowledge, and of course, success in life. But for a kid, school is often just a place that you’re sent in to hang out with your friend and to be given tasks that you’re usually not interested in.  And here is where the problem begins: parents want their kids to have good grades because they can provide them scholarships for university, while the kids just want to have fun, play sports or just enjoy in life while thinking that jobs and the education will come in life eventually. But neither of them knows the real answer to the question: Why are good grades in general good?

First of all, having good grades means understanding and knowing new things in life. But still, kids and especially teenagers ask one question: Why do I need history/math/chemistry in real life when I’m not even interested in working with it? The answer is: That’s because everybody needs to have certain knowledge about everything in life. Knowing something about everything makes you wiser and your sights more wide. That’s why you don’t learn every tiny information that comes from a certain subject, but just the basics of it. You don’t have take studies you don’t like later in life, and school makes your choice easier by presenting you every subject that you might choose later at the university.  And later in life, talking and interaction with people might be much easier because you would carry information about a lot of things that make life.

Organization comes second. Some people are born lucky, and they don’t need to study a lot for having great results in everything they do. But others who weren’t as lucky need to learn to organize their books, writings, papers and other material, and plan their time according to their possibilities. They learn how to evaluate themselves, how their mind ticks. They become organized, passionate and valuable workers who know their boundaries and are not afraid to take risks and challenges later in life due to their good organizing.

And of course, these people must be much disciplined. Being self-disciplined helps coping with stress and disorganization. It keeps your papers, bills, house and life in order, and that’s one skill that is the most valued in business life.

Concentrating on studying teaches you to concentrate to given tasks later in life.  Being able to stay concentrated helps you with gathering information and understanding everything easily, and that leads to excellent fulfilling of given tasks. And of course, everybody likes the people who are good listeners, so concentration is one of very valuable social skills, too.

Education leads to progression of your attitude, opinion and logic. People who are educated are far more peaceful, liberal and understanding in life. They are often good educators and aren’t keen on violence, hate speech or breaking the law because they understand the insignificance of these acts by the knowledge and way of opinion that school has provided for them.

And of course, having good grades boost the satisfaction, and then the progress itself, it creates the love for studying and discovering new things. It also boosts competitive spirit, teaches how to succeed in whatever you want  and how to keep high level of your work and prosperity.

So, good grades aren’t important just for getting into a good university, they can also teach you valuable skills that can come handy later in life. They form you, making you not just more educated, but a better person too.