The Importance of Life Lessons in Schools

I’ve been to school so I must be an expert!
Insert wrong answer buzzer here. I am continually amazed at some of the notions that people have regarding education
and the strength with which they hold on to these opinions is remarkable! Let’s have a look at some of these myths, I mean opinions.

Teaching is talking (buzzer) “Unless the teacher is in the front of the room talking they are slacking off!”
Since learners learn in a variety of ways teachers will present new information to their students using a wide range of media and methods.
Chalk and talk still works but interactivity does help keep some students interested.
My thinking works something like this: which will help the students understand better;
my chalk sketch of a hurricane or the satellite image of a hurricane? To me it is a no brainer.

I employ the shot gun method. Put down the phone, it’s not a real shot gun. I use some chalk and talk, some supervised practice
some workbook, worksheets, in other words I use a variety of methods to meet a variety of needs. Sometimes I’ll design an activity for the computer lab, A web quest. Other days its a video with a set of guiding questions.

some of my courses are nearly completely project based. They construct their learning by doing the assigned projects, they learn by doing they learn form each other they learn from their research, they learn from my evaluations.
As each students work on their projects I can review each child’s progress individually with them as I grade their work giving them direct feedback; try that while you’re lecturing.

You can’t learn in noisy classroom (buzzer)
Wrong again. Pockets of kids doing groupwork can be a wonderfully chaotic learning experience and they can produce some amazing work

Quiet well ordered classrooms provide an atmosphere for learning [buzzer] Ok sometimes they do. But they also allow kids to hide, to be shy and not ever break out of their shell. Or sleep, my personal high school and undergrad favorite in class activity. I needed all those naps in class to let me stay up studying.

Class size doesn’t matter that much [BUZZER] Are you kidding me? It might be the only thing that matters! The one on one attention possible in a supervised practice or similar setting is directly related to class size. If you believe the teaching is talking myth then class size doesn’t matter to you.

Teachers should dress like other professionals
(buzzer) Don’t get me started.