The Importance of Networking – Yes

Networking skills are majorly overlooked; however, they are essential for modern life success whether that is financial or social. Now what determines whether a business floats or sinks is mainly how communication between the client and the business is operated. Have you ever noticed how many times you check into a hotel and they use your name? It’s to make it personal, you feel important and therefore you keep coming back. They might give you weekly emails telling you what’s going on, you may not know it but their company is succeeding because they have efficient and good quality networking skills. It’s all about making a relationship with you so you keep coming back.

I feel strongly that networking skills are just as important or perhaps even more important then the core subjects, English, Maths and Science. I guarantee that if you start building a relationship with your clients your profits will rise through the roof. Networking is as simple as bumping into someone and then dropping of your business card. As long as you played your cards right the person you gave your business card to will probably investigate and will make you money.

Contacts are everything; the more you have the bigger your business is going to grow. To get contacts you need to have networking skills, so why on earth would you not teach such a vital skill at high school? Networking will also improve your social skills. Social skills are equally as important, think how difficult it is to get a job nowadays. Job interviews are one of the biggest factors that determines whether or not you get the job. People need to have an edge that will give them an advantage over other people. Many businesses have now recognized the importance of networking skills and social skills and therefore have started employing people who are good at communicating. I’ve met so many people who are very intelligent but they cannot show their full potential because they don’t know how to.

How many people have you met who reign confidence? Do you know why? Well it’s because they are confident in themselves because they have good social skills. Networking skills also builds confidence inside yourself, and confidence leads to happiness. I have talked a lot of about the business benefits of good networking skills however networking also leads to a good social life. The balance of business and welfare is very important. When you network you are also making friends not just contacts.

High school needs a dramatic change to take into account this skill which is so vital. Why do you think so many people are going to business classes that teach the tips and tricks of networking? To be at the top of the game you need to know all the skills. Remember it’s not just what you know, but also who you know that makes the difference.